The City of Vaughan, Ontario

"Backwater Valve Subsidy Program"

What financial support will the City of Vaughan, ON provide?

The City of Vaughan provides a subsidy that covers 50 per cent of the invoiced cost of installing an approved backwater valve, up to a maximum of $750  (including eligible labor, materials, permit fees and taxes).


What is the purpose of the backwater valve and is it beneficial to have one installed?

The backwater valve was developed to  keep hazardous, unsanitary and toxic sewage wastes from backing up into the drain systems of both residential and commercial properties. The backwater valve is widely used throughout various residential neighborhoods that are prone to flooding. The backwater valve is heavily appreciated for its existence as it is well known for preventing flooding caused by surcharged sewers during severe weather events such as heavy rain falls. There is a great benefit to installing a backwater valve as those who install a backwater valve can significantly reduce the risk of sewage backing up into their basement flooding. When required, after a backwater valve is installed an additional safety precaution to take is to install a backwater valve alarm. The backwater valve alarm will alert the Homeowner when there is a blockage that is present. By being alerted the Homeowner can easily remove the blockage so that the valve can continue to operate at its fullest potential.

How does a Backwater Valve work?

The backwater valve device is designed to prevent water from passing through its passage way. The backwater valve is  installed in the basement where wastewater exits the home. The backwater valve has a hinged flap that only opens in one direction. This allows sewage to flow from a Homeowners residence into the City’s system, and prevents the sewage from flowing back into the basement of the residence. 

By preventing the sewage from flowing back into the residential drain system of the property the Homeowner significantly reduces the risk of having a sewage flood backing up into their basement.

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Vaughan, ON "Backwater Valve Subsidy Program." CLICK IMAGE to enter the City website.

Vaughan, ON "Backwater Valve Subsidy Program." CLICK IMAGE to enter the City website.

The Purpose of The Backwater Valve

This short video will inform you of the purpose of the Backwater Valve.

Source: ICLRinfo  Published on 22 May 2012