"Canadian Sanitary Systems Mission is to Provide Homeowners and Businesses With The Ability to Protect Themselves Against Health and Environmental Safety Hazards."

Our main focus is to help keep Residential and Commercial building structure environments more safe and sanitary. In particular, we focus on sewage back up and backflow prevention services, flood prevention services and home improvements. We advise Homeowners and commercial property owners about the importance of flood prevention devices including the Backwater Valve/Backflow Devices and inform them of the devices purpose. As the Backwater Valve/Backflow Device plays an important role in preventing a hazardous sewage back up flood from occurring in a Homeowners home or business, our purpose is to inform the Homeowners and commercial property owners of the numerous Regulatory Acts that are in relation to the Backwater Valve and inform the Homeowners of the type of unsanitary conditions that they would become susceptible to. 

The combination of these Regulatory Acts provide for a safe and healthy environment which will enable protection for residential dwellings and commercial buildings from unsanitary conditions due to engineering designs that were not constructed appropriately.

There are millions of residential and commercial properties across Ontario that require a Backwater Valve/Backflow Device and would certainly benefit from the devices as well as other flood prevention devices. 

We need assistance in helping keep Ontario's Homeowners and commercial property owners safe from a toxic and hazardous sewage flood. We want all Homeowners and businesses to be in the clear!

Canadian Sanitary Systems is currently seeking:

  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Licensed and Certified Plumbers
  • Sanitary Advisors

If you are interested in learning more about Canadian Sanitary Systems employment opportunities, please kindly forward a copy of your resume to:

Email: info@canadiansanitarysystems.com

Our Human Resources staff will review all resumes and will contact those that fit the criteria. Thank you for applying.

Canadian Sanitary Systems is seeking motivated & talented individuals like you to join our team!

Canadian Sanitary Systems is seeking motivated & talented individuals like you to join our team!