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"Backwater Valve Installation Subsidy"

What financial support will Halton Region, ON provide?

Halton Region will cover 50% of the costs to install a backwater valve inside of the home, up to a maximum of $675.

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What is a Backwater Valve?

A backwater valve is a device that is installed on your sewer lateral. The backwater valve's purpose is to prevent wastewater from re-entering your house during flood prone weather.

We understand that the issues that may occur after a natural heavy rain fall and or from being in an area that is flood prone can lead to a very unfortunate circumstance for Homeowners. 

One of the logically necessary and highly recommended steps to help assist in sewage backup flood prevention is the installation of a backwater valve/backflow device. The backwater valve decreases the opportunity for sewage to backup into the Homeowners residence.

How does the Backwater Valve operate?

The backwater valve will allow water to drain from your home accordingly and its purpose is to stop any water that attempts to backup from the city sewer system into the drain that is connected to a Homeowners residence. This is done by the backwater valve design.

The backwater valve is designed to close the sewer line during periods of heavy rain fall to prevent water from entering a Homeowners residence or entering the sewer line that is on the Homeowners property. It is recommended that when the backwater valve is closed, the Homeowner should not use any of their plumbing fixtures such as their sinks, toilets, washing machine and dishwasher because water will not drain properly and will backup into their home. 

Backwater valves should be installed by an experienced licensed plumber. The installation of a backwater valve requires a building permit. Canadian Sanitary Systems will obtain the permit that is required. The valve must pass inspection by the Halton Region building inspector, in order to be eligible for the subsidy. 

The backwater valve needs to be maintained and regularly inspected according to product specifications. It is recommended that where needed, the Homeowner also install a backwater valve alarm. 

The specific backwater valve alarm is used to alert the Homeowner when the backwater valve is activated which allows the Homeowner to be able to rectify the issue before it is to late. Where needed, the backwater valve alarm is strongly recommended as it is another safety precaution to take to help prevent a toxic and hazardous sewage backup situation from arising in the Homeowners basement.

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Canadian Sanitary Systems is committed to applying customer satisfaction, legal compliance and a forecast that is in the best interest for sustainable business to client relations. We ensure that the National Plumbing Code requirements are met and that the Sewage and Building Code regulations are followed.

As a premier company dedicated to providing premier customer service, it is important to us to deliver unparalleled workmanship on every installation which is why we only hire top quality Plumbing professionals who have been experts in the industry for many years.​ 

CANADIAN SANITARY SYSTEMS is here to help keep your residence or business safe and sanitary. We will ensure that residential Homeowners will receive the maximum grant that you are entitled to receive. We offer a range of payment methods for our services to meet your financial needs and to ensure durable and cost effective workmanship.


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Halton Region, ON "Backwater Valve Installation Subsidy."
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Halton Region, ON "Backwater Valve Installation Subsidy."

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The Purpose of The Backwater Valve

This short video will inform you of the purpose of the Backwater Valve.

Source: ICLRinfo  Published on 22 May 2012