"Sanitary Backwater Valve Rebate Program"

What financial support will the Region of Peel, ON provide?

The Region of Peel, ON offers a Sanitary Backwater Valve rebate of $700 for eligible Homeowners. 


Why is a Backwater Valve beneficial?

Based on statistics, experts predict that intense rain storms will become more common in the province of Ontario. That being said, Homeowners may be able to reduce the negative impact that can be caused due to the predicted increased rainfall by installing a Backwater Valve. When heavy rainfall is present, various types of basement flooding can occur. A very toxic and hazardous type of flood that can occur in a Homeowners residence is a flood caused by the back up of sewer wastes. 

By installing a backwater valve onto your sewer system you can reduce the risk of a sewage flood from occurring in the basement of your residence. 

It is proven that backwater valves can be an effective way to stop  wastewater from backing up into your basement however, they must be installed properly  and some backwater valves need more ongoing maintenance than others, which is why Canadian Sanitary Systems recommends a backwater valve alarm for the backwater valve. The purpose of a backwater valve alarm is to alert the Homeowner when there is a blockage present; this way the Homeowner can easily clear the blockage so that the valve can operate properly and continue to effectively serve its purpose.

Before installing a backwater valve, the Region of Peel recommends that Homeowners use the guidelines below to make the correct decision for their residence.

Please  review the information listed below to verify the eligibility requirements. One of Canadian Sanitary Systems Valve Locators can assist in inquiring with the Region of Peel to confirm your eligibility for this rebate program. 

You are eligible for the Sanitary Backwater Valve Rebate Program if:

  • You have reported previous rain storm based basement flooding to the Region of Peel, can provide proof of a flood-related insurance claim or live within an area prone to flooding  (according to Regional records). For proof of a flood-related insurance  claim, a Homeowner should ask their insurance company for an "Experience Letter" that lists the claim number, date of loss and type of event.

  • You have not received a subsidy from the Region of Peel through previous basement flooding remediation programs.  

The program requirements include:

  • The Homeowner must have all of their downspouts disconnected or have signed the "Acknowledgement and Release" in the application form

  • A building permit must be obtained from the City of Brampton, Mississauga or the Town of Caledon (Canadian Sanitary Systems will obtain the permit that is required)

  • Ensure a 'normally open type' backwater valve is installed that adheres to the Ontario Building Code (Canadian Sanitary Systems ensures that the backwater valve equipment used upon installation adheres to the Ontario Building Code)

  • The Homeowner must have their sanitary backwater valve inspected and their building permit signed by the municipal inspector 

  • The Homeowner must submit a Sanitary Backwater Valve Rebate Program application form and a Downspout Disconnection Rebate  application form (if  applicable)


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Peel Region, ON "Sanitary Backwater Valve Rebate Program." CLICK IMAGE to enter the City website.

Peel Region, ON "Sanitary Backwater Valve Rebate Program." CLICK IMAGE to enter the City website.

The Purpose of The Backwater Valve

This short video will inform you of the purpose of the Backwater Valve.

Source: ICLRinfo  Published on 22 May 2012


Municipal Subsidy Application Forms and Other Important Related Documents